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A mora clock for sale is a joyful thing

The joy of owning a swedish mora clock is manifest in the smile on your face every day.

Few things bring such complete pleasure both from the sense of design and its antiquity.

The satisfying shape, the vivid and sometimes muted colours, the handpainted designs and elaborate carved ornaments on the body or even the very special hood carvings.

Once you have had the battery mechanism installed as we have suggested, there is nothing else to do. No more worrying about why the pendulum has stopped or having to rebalance the clock body or who will wind up the clock while you are away.

When you buy a mora clock and you have found the right mora clock for sale, then it will be with you for life. It will watch over you at night and make you laugh by day.

Watch your children grow up and your tastes change - move with you to all your houses and accompany you through life's long journey.

Enjoy the companionship of your mora clock and make it your friend.

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