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Mora Clocks come in heights from 186cm-250cm tall and in every conceivable variation of colour and shape that you can imagine featuring both original and later paint.


They tended to be made by individual craftsmen or sometimes cooperatives and so every clock is unique depending on the artistic inspiration of the maker on the day they were conceived. Although the style emanates from the Mora area of Sweden, the name has become generic of the clock styling and you find Mora Clocks that have been made all over Sweden from the period 1800-1880 often using German made clock mechanisms.

The country style Mora Clock is much more simple in execution while those clocks made for the wealthier patrons were far more extravagant with exaggerated detailing, carved embellishments, ornate crowns and gilt painted designs. You can see some lovely examples in our current stock catalogue here.

Colour wise you find them in greys, whites, green, blues, reds and of course the Kurbits Folk Art Polychromatic finishes too. Some have really intricate designs of flowers & birds or handpainted scenes or trompe l'oiel detail.

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