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We are often approached by mora clock owners help them to restore, repair or repaint their mora clocks.

Sometimes it's damage caused to the body paint, face enamel or clock glass by moving companies or an accident at home.


Or it might be problems with the painted finish or wood movement caused by excessive central heating or humidity changes.


Often it's just a refresh to tidy it up or change the colour to something new or fit a battery chiming mechanism

instead of the clockwork.

We have an intimate & unrivalled understanding of the Swedish Mora Clock and its construction and we love them.

So we are always very happy to help clients make the most of their mora clock.

Our expert restorers & artisan paint specialists can bring the clock back to life for you without taking away its sense of historty and grandeur.

It is a slow and relatively expensive process as each stage of the restoration and repainting needs to be handled carefully and with the right aesthetics. But the end result is always stunning.

Here's a battered brown clock that we repainted, re-inspired, aged and antiqued for a client in antique white.

brown unrestored mora clock.jpg
white restored mora clock.jpg
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