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We have been bringing happy owners together with their mora grandfather clocks in the USA since 2005 .

Choose from our huge stock of original 1800s swedish painted mora clocks for sale to US & Canadian customers.

We have carefully curated a selection of Swedish mora clocks to suit every palette - Country, Fryksdall, bridal Ångermanlandsbrud clocks, Jamtland polychrome, Gustavian carved, Rococo and more.

We will send you pictures from different angles of your chosen clock so you can see all the little details on each one

& explain the differences in style, design, condition, finish & history.

We can help you choose between different options and discuss whether you prefer to have a battery

or battery chiming mechanism - the chiming ones sound great and are always our recommendation

as you can switch off the chime at night and adjust the volume to taste.

Since all these clocks are nearly 200 years old, they all show some marks of ear and tear so we can sensitively restore any areas of concern for you including the clock face enamel or even repaint a whole clock

if you have a specific colour in mind.

We can arrange shipment of any mora clock we have for sale to the USA or Canada.

New York, Los Angeles, Maryland, Connecticut, Chicago, Albuquerque New Mexico, Sante Fe, Miami,

Houston, Boston & San Francisco are just some of the places now home to our fine antique mora clocks

The shipment of your USA bound mora clock will be handled by a specialist antiques shipper

who will export crate your clock with a padded form fit foam interior for protection,

handle the shipping and importation paperwork and set up full insurance cover for you.

We work hard with our shipping partners to make the shipping process easy and safe. 


So it's a really easy process and one that will give you piece of mind during your mora clock's journey to its new home.

Normally our clocks are shipped by air but we can arrange lower cost sea freight

as alternative if time is not of the essence.

Shipping times vary depending on where you are so please send us your address and zip code

and we will get you a shipping quote to your location.

Shipping costs vary greatly depending on where you are in the USA or canada

but usually start from about £840 + insurance

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