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Antique Swedish Mora Clock International Shipping & The Corona virus

With the spread of the corona virus and the surrounding panic that governments have been fostering, You may have worries about having your chosen mora clock shipped to your location whether that is in the UK, Europe, USA or Australia.

We understand that Clients may have worries about the transfer of the Corona Virus during shipping but unfortunately the misinformation available online is creating an atmosphere of fear that needn't exist.

Medical information confirms that the virus cannot survive long periods of time outside a human host so you needn't worry about the virus travelling to your destination with your mora clock. You are more likely to catch it from your neighbour than the delivery of your clock.

If you are really worried though, we can arrange with the shipper for your antique mora clock to be sanitised prior to shipping to put your mind at rest.

So you just need to ask - more importantly though you need to choose yourself a beautiful mora clock to beautify your home.

Will it be a Fryksdal mora clock, a White Svangd mora clock with great gold detailing, a country mora clock with hand painted detailing in the dalarna folk style or a chinoiserie mora clock with incredible detail?

Contact us for a price quote and shipping to your region and don't worry about the virus!

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