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Caring for your antique Swedish mora clock - part 2

So in the last post, we discussed the problems of humidity and central heating and how it makes wood expand and contract due to changes in moisture content.

Back in the day, it wasn't so much a problem as houses were much colder than they are today. So central heating is both a blessing and a curse in that respect - although as its -2c today i am on the blessing side of the argument.

So what to do if you have swedish mora clocks in your house and you want to keep them in good condition?

Firstly, never ever place your mora clock in front of or near a radiator. If you do, you are asking for trouble as it will just heat up the wood, lowering the moisture content and dry it out.

It is amazing how many owners of antique furniture and clocks are ignorant of this fact and then pay the price!

Next make sure the mora clock isn't in front of or too close to a window as again that can cause bigger temperature changes between night and day. Also direct sunlight over time will sun bleach the finish of your mora clock making it fade so do bear that in mind.

If you find that the air in your home is quite dry because you keep it hot and you have good quality antiques , maybe consider having a humidifier or some kind in the relevant room to add back some of the moisture if the air is too dry - remember this can leach the moisture from the wood in your clock causing the wood to shrink.

Otherwise use the old fashioned technique of just leaving a bowl of water somewhere near your clock and the evaporation of the water will help balance any moisture loss in the wood.

On the other hand if you live somewhere with very high or ver changeable humidity which would cause the clock wood to flex as it shrinks and expands, then a dehumidifier is an important option to keep all you antique wooden pieces in tip top condition.

It is worth the effort to get the local environment right depending on the clock placement to keep your prized possession in good order.

In our next instalment we will look at cleaning your clock and what type of products are ok to use so that you damage neither the paint finish of your mora clock or the planet!

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