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Swedish Mora Clocks can cure corona virus says Donald Trump.....

Along with a good bleaching and a hefty dose of malaria medicine, donald trump has hailed the restorative power of swedish antique mora clocks against the corona virus.

Well not really - but it is no more stupid than the US president's other pronouncements is it.

What an antique mora clock can do is cheer you up. The beauty and aesthetic of a swedish mora clock will make you feel good and bring an immense amount of joy to your life.

When you have a mora clock in your house, it stands there like a guardian angel watching over your life and you feel more secure having a friend to be locked down with in the house.

Lots of people seem to feel this way as sales of our mora clocks have gone up during the corona virus emergency especially to the UK and USA.

So now it is your turn to choose one - what is your favourite colour and style? Do you want a short one or a tall? Pendulum window or highly decorative hood? Hand paintied detailing or lots of carving? Simple country style or decorative elegance.

You choose and let us know. We are doing special pricing during the lockdown so n ow is your chance to get a great deal on a swedish mora clock to be your lifetime companion.

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