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An antique Swedish Mora clock is your top prize for 2020

Maybe in other years a Swedish mora clock has been on your list but you never got round to buying one.

Well there has never been a better time to get the mora clock your heart desires.

Until the 30th january 2020 we will be offering special prices to our bog readers on our outstanding collection of early 1800s swedish mora clocks.

So whether you want a short 190cm mora clock for your kitchen, a tall 235cm mora clock for your hallway or a midsize 210cm mora clock for your living room, you will find what you want in our exceptional mora clock collection.

What is your ideal colour - do you like the classic whites, creams and neutrals that are always popular. if you have a bit more imagination, maybe then you will go for a blue or green finish or a more decorative hand painted finish.

Maybe you fancy a classic folk art finish with faux wood grain or something a bit more sophisticated with gold curlicues and motifs.

If you want something very unusual, then a chinoiserie finish over black paint would be the way to go - such incredible detail and the scenes are finished to a high standard of detail.

Of course you can decide too whether you prefer a classic white clock face with normal or roman numerals or something a bit more interesting with a black face with gold numerals or a rare metal or wooden face that you find only on very early 1800s mora clocks.

As we have discussed before, we no longer provide our mora clocks with the original clockworks as they are now too unreliable and there are too few good horologists around now and they charge too much.

Instead we fit a high quality battery mechanism which features a recording of a real clock chime that replays through a small speaker and sounds very real - because it is.

Contact us now to choose your mora clock.

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