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Another 5 mora clocks arrive for sale in the UK

We have been doing well recently in finding great quality original 1800s mora clocks to offer you in the UK and USA.

Generally, good condition mora clocks are few and far between. There are a lot of 'bitsa' clocks put together with pieces from different clocks but unscrupulous sellers but we only collect clocks whose authenticity is more solid.

Often they come from the original family who have often had them for a number of generations. When grandparents o r parents pass on for instance, mora clocks may not suit the design tastes of the surviving children and so become quietly available for sale if you know where to look.

It is important to be sure that the mora clocks have been well cared for, do not have worm problems (although this is really only affects the southern end of Sweden as its too cold for worm elsewhere), or have not had any poor repairs done.

You will always find some wood movement in old mora clocks. This means that the panels that have been glued or nailed together to create the clock body and hood may move part fractionally as wood changes shape when subjected to different atmospheric conditions.

It is usually the central heating that does it - its a killer for wooden furniture. It dries out the wood and so it shrinks creating the micro-gaps we are talking about.

Its not a problem for structural stability unless you let it go too far but it can be easily remedied by our specialist restorer.

The other issue can be the paint lifting from the body - either cracking or flaking off. Again it is the wood movement under the paint that causes the paint to lift and lose its bond to the wood.

Again depending on your choice, we can restore the paint wok but it is nice to leave the crackling and worm patina that clocks acquire during their life.

So take a look our new mora clocks and contact us for a price on your favorite.

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