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Another new mora clock we have found in Sweden

It is always exciting to find another mora clock in Sweden to bring for your delight and delectation.

This antique Swedish Mora Clock CL137 is an unusual shape with the usual great proportions but a slightly squarer aspect to the lower than on some other Mora Clocks.

This clock has a nice, clean face with good numbering and has some lovely scalloped detailing on the hood which sets off the slightly more masculine feel of the mora clock.

It is finished in the classic Gustavian grey green colour tone you see on much Gustavian furniture indicating it is probably later paint on an early 1800s clock. The grey green colour tone was very popular in the Gustavian revival period of the early 1900s so it could be that the clock was refinished around that time.

It has the standard plain pine unpainted backboard common to all mora clocks of this period and has interesting gold detailing on the edging of the body and hood.

Overall it is a nicely imposing painted mora clock that would look great in both more formal settings or in the kitchen. It has enough detail to be interesting without being fussy and will bring you many years of pleasure.

Of course the biggest question is 'what will you name it'?

Every mora clock has an individual personality and so deserves its own name to make it really personal. So time to get thinking.

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