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decorating your home with mora clocks & swedish antiques

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Since the zeitgeist this 5 minutes is for mid century modern, it's worth pointing out that a melange of mix of pieces make a great visual installation in your home.

It depends on the proportions of the space, the choice of swedish antiques and vintage pieces and most importantly how you dress them.

For example a swedish antique mora clock will always draw the eye to wherever it is placed in the room but depending on the design it can step back from the limelight or shine like a rock star - the difference between a country style swedish mora clock and a heavily decorative fryksdall or bridal mora clock.

The colour choice too will either make it stand out out blend - so a plain grey or white will be less punchy than a polychromatic jamtland mora clock or a handpainted gilt filigree mora clock.

This will also depend on your choice of fabrics and soft furnishings to bring out colour accents that will match or counterpoint your clock - modern fabrics on antique swedish biedermeier, ART DECO or Gustavian furniture change the feel of the antique sofa, armchair or dining chair completely given them a fresh identity and modern currency.

You can also repaint your mora clock too as we have done for some clients in contemporary colours or designs - giving you the best of ancient & modern design.

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