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Keeping your antique swedish mora clock clean - Pt 3

So we now know where to place our prized antique mora clock and how to make sure that it doesn't get too hot, cold or humid.

Once you have sorted out the humidity and keeping your mora clock out of the direct sunlight, you have 2 more things to think about.

First how to stop it falling over - If you have dogs or children running around the house, its easy to knock the clock and then down she comes. If you think there is a chance of it getting knocked, your best option is to bolt your swedish mora clock to the wall.

You will most often find that old mora clocks have a whole hacked in the backboard for precisely that reason. In yesteryear when floors were wooden and uneven, it would be the only way to keep the clock at the correct angle to allow for the correct pendulum swing.

So you can make use of that hole to secure your clock to the wall with a bolt or a bracket. This is easily done as you can access the backboard through the pendulum doorway on the front of you mora clock.

Once it is safely in position, your last problem is going to be how to keep it clean.

Use a feather duster on it regularly to stop any build up of household dust on the surfaces and to clean the clock face and pendulum glass use a natural window clean spray but do not let any of it go on the painted surfaces in case it reacts with the paint.

If you want to clean the painted body, you need to do so very carefully with a natural furniture cleaning spray on a lint free soft cloth. Spray onto the cloth rather than directly on the clock body and be very gentle as it is easy to dislodge the old paint.

If in doubt though, don't touch!

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