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new stock of 1800s swedish mora clocks for sale arriving this month

we have found some more stunning mora clocks for your enjoyment - a classic folk art kurbits finish country mora clock in probable original paint. A really nice one.

A very unusual fryksdall influenced clock with a large head and expanded belly with a great feel to it in very distressed original paint and a natural country mora clock from 1839 that would perfectly suit a kitchen.

I especially love folk art clocks - the kurbits painting style originated in the mora region and is a handpainted style where the artist expresses themselves suing a palette of traditional motifs - usually feather type figures and swirls set out in red, ochre, yellow , brown and orange tones.

This is created on a background of faux wood grain and the artistry is extremely difficult to do - the only people who can now convincingly replicate his style work for the national museum in stockholm.

its something you have to have been bought up in so that the culture you have absorbed comes out through your art. The faux wood grain in particular takes a huge amount of time to do creating a realistic wood feel through painted figuring.

This cock also features a really nice clean face and would look great in any room of the house.

The large head clock is one i really like with its oversize face and the comic extended belly - its got a great feel and i always appreciate super distressed original paint like this

It also sports a single hand rather than the usual hour and minute hand which suggests that the clock is very early 1800s in age - the 1700s clocks in sweden tended to be single hand.

contact us now for pricing on these clocks and remember we ship to the UK USA and worldwide

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