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Swedish Mora Clock in belgium at Lillylotta

Well here i am sitting in an amazing ewa i walla showroom at Lillylotta - our friend Silke's company in belgium. She is one of the top retailers for ewa i walla in europe & she has exquisite taste.

She has done an amazing job creating a stunning showroom for the ewa i walla and other clothes she sells on her website

You can book a private viewing of the incredible selection of clothes she has or order from her website - she ships all over the world.

As well as having exquisite taste, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

We are staying with her for a few days to go to a couple of brocante markets nearby that she recommends and lo and behold there is a beautiful mora clock in her showroom.

Its a very old one from 1846 with original paint and 'nilsson' painted on the face that has a lovely patina. Beautiful handpainted flowers on the body and finished a very dark green (almost black). Nice hood motif too.

The mora clock fits perfectly with all the stunning clothes that are on show here and it is a perfect and super comfy place for us to stay - dont you love sleeping under an ewa i walla duvet!

so it is off to eat homemade goulash for lunch and hang out at a local festival

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