Swedish Mora Clocks - 50 shades of Grey

Given how many different finishes there are on mora clocks, i'm always surprised by how often people want grey or white clocks.

Every swedish mora clock is unique in finish with some amazing craftsmanship in the hand painted finishes - chinoiserie scenes, polychromatic colour schemes on Jamtland mora clocks, rich vibrant gilt curlicues and designs on the higher end clocks that were made for the nobility and aristocracy right down to the intricate folk art handpainted finishes on the country style mora clocks that poorer couples received as wedding presents. The faux wood grain and leaf/ feather motifs of the mora based kurbits tradition are beautiful to behold and took immense work to achieve.

And yet so many people just want plain white or grey!

It is partly a hangover from the 'shabby chic' explosion of yesteryear when any dark wood furniture just had white paint or grey sloshed over them to make them 'swedish style'.

Partly i think also because people saw the mora clocks on movie sets and in coffee table books again in the neutral palettes and mostly down to limited imagination in design terms.

Its a shame really as there are so many astonishing finishes to choose from and if you can be a little bit bold in design terms , they will lift you out of the bondage of 50 shades of Grey.

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