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The enduring love of swedish mora clocks

First created in the early 1800s, Swedish Mora Clocks came from the area of dalarna and mora in mid sweden.

They have been a popular design accessory ever since and continue to be loved and adored by collectors and clock lovers worldwide.

It's something to do with the evocative 'earth mother' shape that seems to chime a bell deep within all of us. The expanded belly and feminine curves draw us in to the mora clock and make us feel loved and appreciated.

A painted mora clock stands like guardian angel watching over your life and your home - it feels like an old wise friend encouraging you to live the life you love and reminding you of all thats good in life.

Whether your preference is for a classic plain country mora clock with little decorative detail in a plain colour or a fancier highly embellished clock like a fryksdall or bridal clock with handpainted detail, carvings and great exciting hood ornaments - we have one waiting for you in our stock of over 40 mora clocks.

The expertise in the carved detailing can be astonishing in its grandeur and precision and yet still seem relatively restrained so it can fit in perfectly with both modern and traditional interior design schemes.

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