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7 new antique Swedish mora clocks arrive from Sweden

It is always exciting when our new mora clock stock arrives from Sweden - we search very carefully for the exceptional examples of the mora clock craft across the length and breath of the Swedish territory.

We have some very elegant and decorative 1800s mora clocks in neutral shades of whites and greys with exceptional and detailed carvings and hand painted features.

The mora clock faces are generally clean and in good condition and the fryksdal shape mora clocks are just excellent. If only we had more room for clocks in our own house!!

Country style mora clocks are well covered by our new selection with some very simple plainer mora clocks in natural finish and a very well appointed green mora clock with yummy hand painted flower motifs on it.

The mora clocks will be checked over by our restorer prior to shipping and remember we can ship our mora clock stock anywhere in the world so distance shouldn't stop you owning a mora clock!

We have a sale running until the end of may so contact us with the coupon 'May20' for special prices.

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