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Even more mora clocks coming to the UK & USA

We have been on a roll finding even more fantastic mora clocks that will be for sale in the UK and USA shortly.

Normally we have to search far and wide to find good examples of the various mora clock genres - fryksdalls, jamtland, gustavina, country, rococo and so on.

But for what ever reason we have been able to source some really lovely mora clocks again soon after the first selection of mora clocks that we told you about recently.

The aim is to have the mora clocks over in the UK prior to the brexit date of OCT 31 - personally i think there will be a brexit extension and i hope the remainers faction bloody the noses of the idiotic leave factions in the UK but we will make sure the mora clocks arrive before that date just in case.

There will be some unusual shapes and finishes of mora clock ready for sale for you to choose - some very ornate and tall white ones, black country ones and more.

It is very exciting for us to find these mora clocks so soon after the last batch and we really look forward to presenting them to you on our website in the coming weeks.

We also operate a search service for mora clocks so if you are looking for a particular style of mora clock then do let us know - whether it is an unusually tall one, a specific colour , height or ornamentation.

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