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Get yourself a Swedish MORA CLOCK for christmas - special one off sale

So it is xmas again but you still haven't got yourself a swedish antique mora clock.

Well now is your chance. We are having a special sale from 12 dec- 31 december 2019 to help you find your perfect mora clock.

Have a look around our current stock of swedish mora clocks - it is one of the largest in the world and we are the leading specialist in Mora Clocks. So choose one from us and we will ship it anywhere in the world.

What is your favourite colour for a mora clock? Do you fancy a traditional colour shade like gray, white, cream or black? Perhaps something more colourful like sky blue, yellow, red or green.

If you like design, we have a number of clocks with beautiful hand painted features from chinoiserie scenes to intricate curlicues & trompe l'oeil flowers and wreaths.

Maybe gilt edging and decoration are more your thing if you like glamour. subtle gilt running around the shape of your mora clock highlighting it like an angel's halo.

Then there is the height to choose - a rare one at 186cm is perfect and compact with the majority of mora clocks between 200-220cm . then you have the rare taller ones at 230-245cm. Really imposing, statuesque clocks that make a real statement.

Clock faces give you a choice too. Do you prefer standard numbers or the rarer, more exotic Roman numerals. Do you want a clean whiter face or a more distressed one? Does it need to have a makers mark on the face like 'AAS' for example?

Other decorative options include whether you want a glass window in the pendulum door, very rarely glass sides in the hood and original or later glass in the clock face door.

Finally the hood itself can be very plain or it can be decorated with carvings and motifs on the front especially in the Fryksdal mora clock style. On top you can have a variety of hood ornaments including crowns, urns and other pictorial efforts.

So do check out our current mora clock stock and contact us for special xmas pricing and international shipping costs.

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