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Mora Clocks: USA is the new home of the swedish clock

Updated: May 16, 2019

Since 2005 we have been collating an extraordinary collection of antique swedish mora clocks - all from sweden and most from private families who have loved and cared for them for generations.

The USA has been the biggest market for our antique painted and natural mora clocks in this period with over 50% of our swedish mora clocks going to various states in the US.

Partly this may be due to the large swedish and scandinavian contingent in the late 1800s early 1900s that settled in the USA especially in the norther states. But also the rise of the scandi look and 'shabby chic' ( i hate that term) helped promote the mora clock as an item of beauty.

Mora clocks featured in a number of movies too that helped broaden their appeal - Somethings gotta give is a great example and we are often asked if we have a similar style of mora clock in stock.

Bridal or Ångermanlandsbrud mora clocks are very popular too as well as teh Fryksdall style with the tiny waist , extended belly and swag & scroll motifs.

Shipping our mora clocks to the USA is easy - specialist shippers will export crate your chosen clock for protection, fully insure item ansd handle all the importation paperwork for you into the USA. Shipping is usually quoted as 4-6 weeks by air but it depends where you are in the US as most deliveries are flown to a 'hub city' like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles etc and then need to complete their journey as road freight.

So take a look at our gallery of mora clocks for sale and email us for a price and shipping quote today

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