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More new mora clocks for sale in the UK

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

As usual we have been searching Sweden for great examples of antique natural and painted mora clocks for you to enjoy.

We have found some lovely folk mora clocks in both folk art/kurbits and natural pine finishes - they are great for kitchens and hallways where you want something simple and unobtrusive.

If you prefer the exotic and highly decorative mora clock style which has much more of the wow factor, then the fryksdall mora clocks we have arriving from Sweden in October 2019 will be perfect for you.

Lush original paint finishes with handpainted detailing in green, turquoise and gold and incredibly detailed carvings on the mora clock body and base. The hoods too carry great colour and ornamentation to highlight the beautiful enamel faces.

On top of that we can now offer you an incredible black and gold mora clock decorated in the chinoiserie style with hand painted chinese scenes on the body and even on the mora clock sides.

It also has a rare black clock face with gold numbering and a very ornate hood.

If you fancy any of these mora clocks, contact us for pricing and a shipping quote - we ship all over the uk and worldwide.

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