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Swedish Mora Clocks - Which style is for me?

When deciding on buying a swedish mora clock, there are a few different styles that you can choose from. So its best to ask the experts! We at Swedish Interior Design are Europe's leading specialist in Mora clocks with a 15 year history of selling these beautiful mora clocks.

So first of all, you need to decide the following 3 factors:

  1. Simple or highly decorative

  2. Maximum height

  3. Colour preference

If simple is your thing , than a classic country style mora clock will suit you best. Plain colour with the minimum of decoration, a nice waisted appearance and a clean face. Usually no porthole in the middle and often not even a clock glass over the face.

A more decorative variant in this style would be a mora clock decorated in the kurbits folk art style that came out of the Mora region. Ochres, reds, golds and russetts in swirls and feathers often with handpainted faux wood grain and with the date of manufacture painted on the front.

Next up we have the Fryksdall mora clock style - swag and scroll motih under the hood, nice hood decoration and swag motifs on the nipped in waist with decorative motifs on the base. Rare and very beautiful.

The Jamtland mora clocks feature stunning polychromatic handpainted finishes in reds and blues while the even rare bridal mora clocks feature the most lavish and ornate decoartive carvings and adornments.

So you see there is a lot to consider - we are happy to help so get in contact with us soon

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