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where shall i put my swedish mora clock

You would be surprised about how many possible locations there could be in your home for a swedish antique mora clock.

There are all the obvious places that you would expect like in the kitchen or living room. But due to their unique shape and level of visual attractiveness, Swedish antique mora clocks are ideal for creating an art installation in almost any part of the home.

The turn of the stairs is a good one - mora clocks are slender in width at around 50cm and only about 25cm deep so they can turn a boring turn in the stairs into a visual feast as they lord it over the staircase.

The hallway or entryway is another favorite so your mora clock is there ready to guard the entrance to your home casting a beedy eye on on comers.

How about the bathroom? Unusual location but if you adpat the clock body by putting shelves inside , its a crazy and unusual way to store your bathroom products when not in use while adding a visual twist to your bathroom.

Next the bedroom - his and hers mora clocks on each side of the bed standing like your conscience looming over you as you sleep tight through the night.

Yu can also use parts of mora clocks too - just take the hood to decorate a doorway of kitchen cooker area or turn the body into a cupboard with shelves or even an umbrella stand.

Really its only limited by your imagination - see our latest mora clocks here

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