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Will brexit signal the end of the mora clock?

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

As brexit looms and the stupidity of the UK leaving the EU becomes self evident driven on by narcissistic nobodies that you would not have as your friend, some worry about how the mora clock will survive as a collectors item and staple of interior design.

Fortunately assuming a no deal brexit, one would expect the mora clock to be covered by a 0% tariff as an antique item of over 100 years in age as it is in the importation to the USA.

Certainly importing them will be more complicated, time consuming and costly which means p[rices will have to go up but We will still continue to import mora clocks for your joy and delectation when we find good ones - there is a point here in that it is much harder to find unmolested good quality mora clocks that havent been redone faked or otherwise abused.

Fortunately as the leading supplier of antique swedish mora clocks in europe we have some very special sources for the good examples of the mora clock genre.

Whether you want a fryksdall clock, a mora country clock, a bridal mora clock or one from jamtland we will always have a great stock for you to choose from.

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